Unique Sound Installations
Unique Sound Installations

Past Installation Projects

Here are some of the projects that we have completed in the past few years.

Deubrook Area Schools hired us to design and install a new All-call Emergency Paging system in both the High School and Elementary. This system will help ensure the safety of the students and staff by giving sound to every room in each building.


Clark, SD schools.

There is a young lady enrolled in middle school that requires enhanced classroom sound as she is beginning to lose her hearing. The staff asked if we would research, supply, and install the best quality system we could find. Six systems were installed and everyone involved was exremely satisfied.


Deubrook Elementary Gymnasium.

This project involved a ten-speaker P/A system that doubles as concert sound for all events. It consists of 10 speakers, 3 amps, and numerous microphones and plenty of speaker wire. We were told that our bid for this project was spot-on.


A new sound system was installed in the Colman, SD high school gymnasium this summer. We did an 8- speaker system with a stronger amp and soundboard to accomodate for both a concert and public address setting. All was done in a timely fashion and under budget. Sounds awesome!


The Centerville, SD Tornados just received an updated sound system for the press box at their outdoor sports complex. Just a couple Technomad All-weather speakers and an amp/soundboard system is all they needed. This set-up was very affordable and took very little time to install.


Deubrook Area Schools asked if I could beef up their sound at the football field. All they needed was a couple extra speakers on the press box to eliminate the "dead zones" that existed. I installed 2 Technomad All-weather loudspeakers and eliminated the "dead zones", all involved were pleased and we finished under budget.


Viborg, SD High School decided to upgrade thier gymnasium sound system. They contacted me and within a month, they had a new system installed under budget.


Milbank, SD was undergoing a construction project that involves a new Elementary gymnasium. Superintendent Downes contacted me and asked for a quote. I sent him my "6-speaker/ new gymnasium" quote and before I knew it I was ordering equipment. This project was somewhat time sensitive due to the fact that I needed to get the speakers mounted before the new floor was installed. All worked out well and no flooring was injured during this install.




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